[mrtg] Indexmaker... please HELP!!!

lfiddler at us.ibm.com lfiddler at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 22 20:41:53 MEST 1999

When I use the indexmaker command, I am not getting the results I would like.

I would like to create an HTML file for every device on an individual basis.  My
configuration file lists several IP addresses for several devices which we need
to poll.  When I specify just 1 of the IP addresses with the Indexmaker command
and view the HTML file that is created, it contains all of the IP addresses that
are listed in the config file.  Instead of looking for that IP pattern specified
in the indexmaker command, it extracts all IP's into one HTML file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PS We are trying to implement the new MRTG2.7 software.

Thank you,

Lisa Fiddler
Network Performance Measurements
Raised Floor, Building 025
(Outside):  303-924-6290
(Tie/Line): 303-263-6290
Pager:        303-878-0157
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