[mrtg] Re: mrtg-2.8.3 rateup and gd.1.6.1

MRTG@triada.bg MRTG at Triada.bg
Thu Jul 22 21:37:54 MEST 1999


Does anybody managed to start 2.8.3 rateup successfully under Linux
(Slackware 2.2.10, if it makes any sense) ?

I have compiled zlib-1.1.3 and libpng-1.0.3 and installed in /usr/local/lib
successfully as per instructions.
After that GD1.6.1 has been made successfully as well

After all that mrtg "./configure --with-gd=<gd_dir>" passed successfully
and make passed without any errors at all

BUT at the end rateup exit with the following error:  can't load library

Anybody experienced same problem and know how to work around?


Dimitar Kazakov
mailto:d.kazakov at triada.bg

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