[mrtg] Threshold

ericksen at byu.edu ericksen at byu.edu
Sat Jul 24 19:31:41 MEST 1999

I am trying to use the Theshold options and I get the following error:

CFG Error in "threshprogoki[cr1cpu]", line 13: Threshold program
\home\local\src\mrtg\run\thresholds\cpuok.sh cannot be executed

With the following config:

ThreshDir: /home/local/src/mrtg/run/thresholds

Target[router]: at do
Options[router]: growright,noinfo,gauge
WithPeak[router]: w
Ylegend[router]: CPU%
MaxBytes[router]: 100
ThreshMinI[router]: 10
ThreshProgOKI[router]: \home\local\src\mrtg\run\thresholds\cpuok.sh
ThreshProgI[router]: \home\local\src\mrtg\run\thresholds\cputh.sh
Title[router]: Router CPU Load
PageTop[router]: <H1>Router CPU Load</H1>  

I have checked the permissions and I can run the program command line
no problem.  This error occurs whether I run mrtg from the command line
or from cron.  Also mrtg tries to run this program everytime instead of
when a threshold was passed the time before and it is ok now.  

I would appreciate any help/ideas,


Chris Ericksen
ericksen at byu.edu

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