[mrtg] Problem loading MIBs

Utsav Ratti Utsav_Ratti at MCKINSEY.COM
Mon Jul 26 16:42:07 MEST 1999

I want to monitor some of the modem stats on a Cisco 4500. To that end, I
obtained a modem management MIB from Cisco, but when I try to load it into
MRTG via mrtg.cfg, I get the following error:

C:\mrtg-2.8.3\run>perl c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\mrtg c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\mrtg.cfg
cannot encode Object ID . first subid too big in Object ID at
c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\/SNMP_util.pm line 957.
SNMPGET: Failed to reach target:
ble:public at". I tried multiple times!

I have tried both SNMP v2 and v2 in v1 format MIBs, with the same result.
Can anyone explain to me what this means and what a possible remedy might
be? Is this a problem with the SNMP_util.pm that MRTG uses?


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