[mrtg] Re: Cisco frame-relay

Scott Steeves steevess at shore.net
Tue Jul 27 01:46:27 MEST 1999

>I need to monitor fame-relay congestion and other parameter of cisco 
>router with mrtg ???

   You'll need to get the OIDs of the various things like BECNs and
FECNs and so on. If you get some kind of MIB browser (I use scotty
and the snmpget/walk tools under Linux, but there are others, demos
and shareware) and load in the following MIBs from
ftp://ftp.cisco.com/pub/mibs/v1 and ...mibs/v2


   The RFC1315 MIB seems to be the most important, but the others
will fill out the Cisco OIDs. I loaded them in the above order as the
latter MIBs reference things in the earlier ones. The last one may
not even be needed, as it is an SNMPv1 MIB.

   Under Linux, I entered the following command:
snmpwalk -m rfc1315-mib.my routername community
   And got a ton of frame-related stuff. 

   If you're using Windows, I am looking at a demo from MG-SOFT's MIB
Compiler (http://www.mg-soft.si). I loaded the RFC1315 MIB into it,
and quickly browsed down through
( Again, a ton of stuff.
   This product seems very handy. And for only $90 US. Very nice to
browse down and find the specific OID, cut-and-paste that into MRTG,
and you're ready to roll. (No affiliation, I just like it after the
quick look.)

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