[mrtg] Config Questions - what am I doing wrong?

Jeff Davis jdavis at zeus.kern.org
Tue Jul 27 19:31:37 MEST 1999


A friend turned me on to MRTG last week, and I dl'd the requisite 
software, compiled, & installed on RedHat 5.2, included latest stable 
rev of Perl5.

cfgmaker runs fine, generates files without complaint.  However, 
running indexmaker is another story.  Despite passing mrtg.cfg and 
fully qualified path to destination file, it only gets a short way 
through the mrtg.cfg before it gives up, compaining it cannot open 
file ' '.  I have't looked at it for a few days now, but really want 
to get it online.  Anybody else experience this sort of thing, and if 
so, what's the fix?



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