[mrtg] Ethernet Port on Cisco

Isaac isaac at netos.com
Wed Jul 28 02:56:12 MEST 1999


We are running MRTG 2.5.3 on an NT 4.0 Box with SP3.

We are monitoring a Cisco 2500 running IOS 11.0

We are getting a weird message all of a sudden on the ethernet port on
our router.  It used to not say this but I had to rerun the cfgmaker
util and now we get this:

Traffic Analysis for Ethernet0

           Krakatoa in


           Ethernet0 (1)

           No hostname defined for IP address (

 Max Speed:
           1250.0 kBytes/s (ethernetCsmacd)

The thing in question is this no hostname defined for  IP address

??? This is not the ethernet IP of eth0!  It is another IP.  What's even
*weirder* is that when I run the cfgmaker util the IP in hostname
defined for  IP address ( )
changes!  Now they are always parts of class C's we own and are in are
routing table but why the heck do they show up?



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