[mrtg] "INDEXMAKER" usage.............

Javier Tan javier_tan at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 03:52:50 MEST 1999

Hi all,

Thanks for the tip on my last question. You've all been a great help.

I've just one more query,Hope you guys can help me out.

I've tried "indexmaker" with the options available,but it's not running.

Here is what I put in " perl indexmaker -t mrtg.cfg -r > { directory where I 
store my output from the program}".

I have the following questions:

1. I'm running on NT, is there other options that I have to include ??
   like the directory where perl is in or something, cause I believe
  ( I might be wrong, given that I'm a newbie )that "indexmaker" was
   meant for Li/Unix.
2. Could anyone running "indexmaker" successfully on a NT machine,
   please help me out by showing me your successful syntax on the
   command line ??

Please pardon my ignorance........and thanks again in advance !!

Javier Tan
Network Support

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