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Peter J. Kassies crash at cable.a2000.nl
Wed Jul 28 19:55:22 MEST 1999

At 05:00 PM 7/28/99 +0100, you wrote:
>     Hi this is an off topic post, sorry but I have no idea where else to
>ask.     monitor disk space, processor usage and free real and virtual
>memory on a solaris 2.6 system. MRTG works great - thanks Tobias for a
>great little tool.    If I run top on the system and sort everything by
>size rather than cpu, I can count up all the memory that the various
>processess are using, guess what it doesn't add up to anywhere near 500Mb,
>more like a 100 or so.

Ok. I'm not a Solaris expert, but have the same issue. It is nothing to
worry about. I have a simular system running as a webserver. It holds
multiple Netscape HTTPdaemons. It has 256Mb and 512Mb swap.

Now the odd thing is that when I had 7 websites it only had 8Mb memory
free. I am now running 14 websites and there is still 7 Mb free?

I am told that the processes absorb a certain amount of free memory and
distribute the available memory over the rest of the processes. If there is
more Ram available, the processes will use more etc.

You should watch the messages in /var/adm. If it says "unable to fork
sufficient space", there is to little ram.

>I ran top at intervals over the 30
>minute period or so following a reboot, and top also shows this steady
>decrease in the amount of free real memory available.
Yep, but this shouldn't be a worry. All processes slowly become bigger and
eat more ram. Slowly more and more swap space will be used. This is normal.
All processes "leak" ram. Some programs are badly written and leak a lot of

I'm using UCD and MRTG for monitoring solaris machines. I'm monitoring
processes-in-queue and data output on the ethernet devices. I would like to
monitor CPU idle time, but I think someone has to write the agent for it.


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