[mrtg] Re: Solaris Related Problems Off topic post - sorry

Terje Krogdahl tekr at nextel.no
Thu Jul 29 13:17:13 MEST 1999

"Peter J. Kassies" <crash at cable.a2000.nl> writes:

> >great little tool.    If I run top on the system and sort everything by
> >size rather than cpu, I can count up all the memory that the various
> >processess are using, guess what it doesn't add up to anywhere near 500Mb,
> >more like a 100 or so.
> Ok. I'm not a Solaris expert, but have the same issue. It is nothing to
> worry about. I have a simular system running as a webserver. It holds
> multiple Netscape HTTPdaemons. It has 256Mb and 512Mb swap.

Solaris will use all available memory for buffers and caching, thus
monitoring free memory is quite pointless. What you do want to keep
an eye on is your paging activity. For more information I'd recommend
Adrian Cockrofts excellent "Solaris performance and tuning" (I think
it is called) book.

Also, note that the total internal memory used by processes may exceed
your RAM size due to memory being shared between several instances of the
same process.

Terje Krogdahl
Telenor Nextel AS

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