[mrtg] Re: Available OIDs for NT

Khurram Farhan Hassan khassan at aster.com.pk
Wed Jul 28 22:22:44 MEST 1999


Thanks for your help, but I am having trouble generating exchange.mib. The
mib file or the ini file doesn't contain any data on Internet Mail Service
(IMS), even though it is running. Fortunately, I have the mib containing IMS
stuff and I followed your procedure to install it into NT. I can snmpget
OIDs for mta and mta-connections, but any OID for IMS generates an error. I
can monitor the IMS stats using Performance Monitor, but I can't get it
through SNMP.

Any help would be appreciated.


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> In order to add ANY PerfMon object to that shipped with the PERFM.ZIP file
> here's what you need to do (You need the RESKIT and PerfM.zip for this):
> (all commands are run on the server being montiored)
> 1.  Install the PERFM.Zip stuff.
> 2.  Look a the PERFMIB.ini that comes with PERFM.ZIP and look at the last
> number used.  The last time I looked it was 27.  Remember that number!
> 3.  Run PERF2MIB to extract the MIB data from the PerfMon objects on the
> machine.  You'll create a mib file (newmib.mib) and an INI file
> The objects can be any of the objects you can access in PerfMon.  If the
> object name has a space in it, put double quotes around it.  The numbers
> MUST be unique, including those already installed (you'll lose other stuff
> you may be montioring otherwise).  ie.  If you are adding to just the raw
> PERFM.ZIP stuff, you need to start with 28.  If you use the example below,
> next time you add more objects you'll start with 31.
>     ex: (all one line)
> perf2mib newmib.mib newmib.ini MSExchangeMTA 28 mta "MSExchangeMTA
> Connections" 29 mtaconn MSExchangeIMC 30 imc
> 4.  Concatenate the old ini file and the new ini file:
> copy perfmib.ini+newmib.ini perfmib.ini
> 5.  Compile the new mib in with the old one:
> mibcc -omib.bin -n -t -w2 smi.mib LMMIB2.MIB mib_ii.mib perfmib.mib
> exchange.mib
> 6.  Stop the SNMP service Replace the PERFMIB.INI and MIB.BIN and then
> restart the SNMP service
>    ex.
> net stop snmp
> copy perfmib.ini %systemroot%\system32\perfmib.ini
> copy mib.bin %systemroot%\system32\mib.bin
> net start snmp
> Now you'll have your new objects and they'll be at OIDS that start with
> ., ., etc.
> If you have a mib browser (like Getif) don't forget to add the PerfMib.mib
> in to the proper directory, compile it, whatever.
> HTH,
> Ken

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