[mrtg] binaries to run mrtg-2.8.8

Sakthivel sakthivel_k at mbox.bfi.admin.ch
Mon Nov 1 15:02:55 MET 1999


Request for precompiled binaries to run mrtg-2.8.8 under HPUX10.20 9000/816
ie. gd-1.7.3 and mrtg-2.8.8
having dfficulties upgrading especially 'making' gd-1.7.3.
Please point me to the URL.

currently running mrtg-2.5.1 and gd-1.2

thanks in advance,

 Swiss Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and
 Telecommunications (FOITT).        
 (Bundesamt fuer Informatik and Telecommunikations)
 Post		Monbijoustrasse 74, CH-3003 Bern, Switzerland
 Telefon	+41-31-325 9440
 Fax		+41-31-325 9030 
 Internet	sakthivel_k at mbox.bfi.admin.ch	oder/or
 		kandiah.sakthivel at bit.admin.ch
 X.400		g=sakthivel; s=kandiah; o=bit; a=admin; c=ch

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