[mrtg] treshold option, how ?

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Wed Nov 3 14:39:33 MET 1999

I've just installed mrtg 2.8.8, the docs on treshold are not quite...
complete ?

what is the correct syntax..?

I've tried:

TreshDir[echidna.hd-x]: \mrtg-2.8.8\run\treshhold
TreshDir: \mrtg-2.8.8\run\treshhold
TreshMinI: 90
TreshMaxI: 10
TreshProgl: pageip $router treshold-value current-value
TreshProgOK: pageip $router treshold-value current-value

but it says:

<groper>[\mrtg-2.8.8\run]PERL mrtg mrtg.os2

CFG Error: Unknown Option "treshdir" on line 115 or above.
           Check readme.html for Help

Line 113 in CFG file does not make sense

looking in 

I can't see any examples to help...

also, can I have ONE 'Tresh' thing for all tagets in that mrtg.file ?

Voytek Eymont
SBT Information Systems Pty Ltd
phone +61-2 9310-1144 fax +61-2 9310-1118 

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