[mrtg] Re: monitoring NT

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Nov 3 19:10:18 MET 1999

[deleted stuff about monitoring CPU on NT]

> Running MRTG at *very* low intervals is not feasible due to performance
> issues.
> Any thoughts on the matter?
> alexf


1) (inspired by Tobi): At a single point in time the processor is either
   busy or it is not.  If you make the sample interval small enough
   your cpu stats will always be 100%  This is because you get either
   0% or 100% and since the monitor process does take resources, you
   can't get 0%

2) For more frequent but realistic intervals (say one minute) go for
   rrdtool.  First start using the basics, you could use mrtg-2.8.9
   and the 14all script in its contribute directory.  Then, once you
   have some experience using rrdtool, adjust the polling interval.

3) Perhaps you could use an NT native tool to do this monitoring.
   Based on absolutely no experience I have a feeling this will be
   better integrated and therefore has not too much impact on the
   system [1].  I don't know if for instance performance monitor can
   export its data.  If it can, you can import it in rrdtool and present
   the user a familiar user interface (mrtg lookalike).

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Wow.  Avoided "OS" without being sarcastic.  Must be making progress :)

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