[mrtg] Re: OID for 2511

Rob Walker rob at valinux.com
Wed Nov 3 20:10:40 MET 1999

>>>>> On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 11:45:54 -0500 (EST), Quan Nguyen
>>>>> <quan at vortex.cc.mcgill.ca> said:

Quan> On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Robin Burger wrote:
>> Roddy Strachan wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >         Does anyone know if there is an OID for a Cisco 2511, so I can
>> > grab the username IP, and timeonline ?

Quan> You can try this:

Quan> username:

Quan> .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.cisco.local.lts.ltsLineTable.ltsLineEntry.tsLineUser 
Quan> (.

Quan> timeonline:

Quan> .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.cisco.local.lts.ltsLineTable.ltsLineEntry.tsLineTimeActive
Quan> (.

Quan> where x is the line number.

well, that shows what I know!  Thank you Quan, for showing me another
way to do something.


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