[mrtg] Temperature graphing problem from MEASURE UPS!

Mike Holley- mholley at deltacontrols.com
Sat Nov 6 20:08:31 MET 1999

Hi there,

I am using MRTG in conjunction with a MEASURE UPS II slot card in one of our
APC UPS's to graph the temperature of our server room, but I am having a bit
of a problem. The OID that returns the temperature value does not return a
simple integer, it returns for example "Gauge : 21" when the temperature is
21 degrees Celsius. Is there anyway to have MRTG ignore the text in front of
the integer value, or do I have to use some other program to strip out the
characters before the integer? In case your wondering, the OID that I am
using to get the temperature information is,
this is part of APC's enterprise MIB declaration.

Thanks for any help,

Michael D. Holley, CNE
IT Technician
Delta Controls Inc.
mholley at deltacontrols.com

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