[mrtg] Re: system requirements

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Nov 7 01:47:21 MET 1999

Baker, Aiman Hassan wrote:

> Hi...
> I need to know the system requirements ( Min RAM required, Min hard disk =
> space) for running the MRTG program on a Windows NT workstation

This will depend on the number of targets.  Are you going to monitor
one router with two ports or are you monitoring 100 switches with
200 ports each?

Per target you'll need about 120 kilobyte of diskspace for the log files
and about 60 for the images.  The MRTG logfiles won't grow in size over

I'm not sure about the amount of memory.  Keep a close eye to the amount
used and make sure your box isn't swapping a lot.  It matters if you
run multiple MRTG instances in parallel (which you need to do for large
amounts of targets) or just one (for one to fifty targets or so).

Personally I would do the monitoring on a linux box, without X windows,
as this uses far less recources than NT.  Have been monitoring several
targets on an i486 with only 24 MB ram... (in the past)

When the box is paging a lot, you'll need to add memory or monitor not
that many targets.  Also, make sure each MRTG cycle finishes within
five minutes.

> This is my first e-mail to the mrtg mailing list.
Welcome, but please stop mailing in HTML too.  It's of no use and fills
up my precious disk space.  Thanks.
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