[mrtg] Re: mrtg2.8.8 and blank graphs

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at nastg.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 8 15:07:59 MET 1999

At 01:03 PM 11/3/99 -0500, Robin Burger wrote:
>Ian Stong wrote:
>> On a solaris system running SunOS.7 everything seems to compile ok.  I then
>> ran cfgmaker, mrtg and indexmaker.   No errors are returned but...
>>  the graphs are blank when viewing them via a web browser.  Ideas???

Provided your log files have non-zero values in them, and you've invoked
the mrtg script several times, you might consider your browser arrangement.
I had the same problem which turned out to be that I was running Netscape
through a poor X-windows client - it wasn't getting all of the appropriate
graphics data. When I viewed it directly from the workstation's Netscape it
worked fine. Remember to hold the 'shift' key down when hitting 'reload'
for Netscape, also.

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