[mrtg] Re: OID definition

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Tue Nov 9 20:33:34 MET 1999

> Where then do I find the second OID that I need?  From what I
understand the system cannot track just one OID thus I need the other.
How do I know what this one is tracking.  It shows me a number that
looks comparable to the number of users logged into the modem bank.
> >>> "David C Prall" <dcp at dcptech.com> 11/09 10:57 AM >>>
> > Hello again:
> > I am starting to understand this and have come to the conclusion
> the double OID does not work in my setup.  Here is my target:
> > .
> > This does not bring any info.  I think that the reason for this is
> because we are looking into the number of users on a modem bank at a
> time.  And the two numbers are crossing each other out (since they are
> the same).
> > Thus we should only need one number.  I can just use one OID number
> for the snmpwalk and snmpget but when I only enter one OID in the
> mrtg.cfg it does not work.
> > Thus where do I need to be looking in order to get just the amount
> users logged into the modem bank???
> Get rid of the leading dot to begin with. MRTG requires an In and an
> value. By using the same OID for both you will get a Solid Green with
> blue line along the top edge.
Look in the contrib directory for the TCH programs. This will be your
best bet. I don't know what the .429 USRobotics .4 Common, beyond that
everyone is stuck. I've been trying to get the rest of the information
from them for about a year. The mib file only goes this far.

Actual active lines need to be looked at individually to see what the
actual case is with each line. The contrib directory should contain
everything that you need.

If this OID is returning what you want, the nyou can use it as both. It
will give you a solid green with a blue line along the top edge.

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