[mrtg] Monitoring IPCHAINS

Web Master wwwadmin at wizard.ca
Wed Nov 10 17:21:17 MET 1999

Maybe I am obtuse, but I have a web server with 50 virtual IP, and
supposibly with the new IPCHAINS package, (LINUX 2.2.0) each of the
chains should be reported by SNMP.
When I do a SNMPWALK or run the mrtg configmaker, I get each of the
virtual IP's listed, but never any traffic counts.. SNMP is running on
the server.
I never can get any chain counters..
1) What is the most effeciant way to count traffic to virtual IP's with
2) Can I do it without IPCHAINS?
3) How does SNMP choose to use the IPCHAINS count rather than the
stnadard SNMP variables?

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