[mrtg] UCD-snmpd / multiple MIBs

Robin Burger robin.burger at bms.com
Wed Nov 10 19:10:21 MET 1999

This is 'cross-posted' to both MRTG and UCD-snmp group due to the nature
of the problem -
it really is NOT an MRTG problem, but that was were the message was
orginally posted

In answer to Joey's question...

>>> For anyone running UCD snmpd.

# snmpwalk -V
UCD-snmp version: 4.0.1

>>> I've read over the manuals, and the FAQs
>>> based on UCD snmpd's package, but here is my
>>> problem.  I don't know which MIB file to read
>>> in.  I've tried HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.txt, and
>>> UCD-SNMP-MIB.txt.  the host-resources-mib.txt
>>> file compiles properly so that I can read the
>>> OIDs, but they all come up empty. ucd-snmp-mib.txt
>>> doesn't compile at all.

I have a 'Linux' machine 'iceberg' that actually has the UCD-snmp with
the correct mib compiled -

# snmpget -q -f iceberg public

OID is  which you will need for MRTG  or at
that is what it turned out for me...

Problem isn't knowing which one to use, but getting UCD-snmp to have the
MIB in it.

I actually have 'Iceberg' CPU utilization being graphed, but
'''''I don't know how to get a UCD-snmp build on solaris to 'contain'

The guy will not give me an account on his machine to poke around and
try and figure it out...

Seems that you ran into the same ''blank'' that I did...

HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.txt is the Correct 'MIB' - but I have yet to figure
out how to read it into the
compilation process of UCD-snmp.

Any help?  This is as far as I have gotten, and I still am looking...

Can anyone help?


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