[mrtg] Re: Threshold Cheking ?

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Thu Nov 11 11:36:24 MET 1999

** Reply to note from =?us-ascii?Q?Jorge_Juarez_Tacuba?= <jjtacuba at zamora.podernet.com.mx> Wed, 10 Nov 1999 17:09:10 -0000

> Can anybody tell me how to configure this options? 
> 	ThreshDir, ThreshMin, ThreshMax, ThreshProgI, ThreshOKI 
> MRTG says "Invalid Option", besides "config.html" doesn't have sintaxis,  
> and doesn't explain how to recive parameters on triggered programs ! 
> Thanks in advance, 

yes, I had similar trouble understanding syntax...

so far, this is correct (I think...)

WorkDir: \users\web\mrtg
IconDir: /icons/
ThreshDir: \mrtg-2.8.8\run\thresh

<needs to be 'up top', with other ???DIR stuff>

and, this 'seems OK'

ThreshMinI[_]: 5
ThreshMaxI[_]: 5
ThreshProgI[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe
ThreshProgOKI[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe
ThreshProgO[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe
ThreshProgOKO[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe

I have NOT tried anymore at this point... but, at least this doesn't give
any errors on startup


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