[mrtg] Re: Threshold Cheking ?

Jorge Juarez Tacuba jjtacuba at zamora.podernet.com.mx
Thu Nov 11 19:54:36 MET 1999

Thanks, Voytek Eymont, my threshold programns are now running! But I still have some doubts.

1. It doesn't support parameters on command line, does it?
2. Documentation (config.html) says it passes 3 arguments: how can I access them?


[Voytek Eymont wrote]
WorkDir: \users\web\mrtg
IconDir: /icons/
<needs to be 'up top', with other ???DIR stuff>

ThreshMinI[_]: 5
ThreshMaxI[_]: 5
ThreshProgI[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe
ThreshProgOKI[_]: \superpg\pageip.exe

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