[mrtg] some useful scripts

Andrew Cook andrew at hitter.net
Fri Nov 12 03:35:46 MET 1999

Here are some other scripts I use:

prior_totals.sh - 	I cron this to run at 1AM on the 1st of the month.
				It emails the total xfer of each target of a .cfg file

prior.sh, current.sh - 	I use these scripts in MRTG web pages.  I use the
following code:

PageTop[target.name]: Router Interface</H1><br><br><a
Current Month-to-Date Xfer</a><br><a
href="/cgi-bin/prior.sh?SITE=target.name">Last Month's Total Xfer</a>
You can then get on-the-fly reports from the web pages.

All three scripts use calculate_traffic.pl, but it had to be modified to
pipe output to STDOUT, so it is here.

All three scripts also require monthdays and yeardays.  I got these scripts
off of an FTP server long ago
when I searched for a script to tell me how many days were in a month.
These are great, and I wish I
could credit the author, but there is no internal reference.  I am including
them here.

I tried to make all variables appear obvious.

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