[mrtg] Re: Graphed flatlined...

Justin Shore macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Fri Nov 12 05:25:35 MET 1999

	Shoot.  My MaxBytes is set to 192000 which should, 
theoretically, be plenty high enough.  I even tried upping it to no 

#MaxBytes[sktc_dsu]: 192000
MaxBytes[sktc_dsu]: 512000

	Well I'm stumped.  The daily graph seems to be right on the 
money.  The others are all jacked up.  That part I don't get.  What's 
worse is their precision is great but their accuracy sucks.
	The person I'm making this for also has the identical script 
running.  Its perfect.  With the exception of what we called our 
filenames, they are identical.  You can see their working page at...


What gives?  Practially identical scripts.  My log file is correct. 
My other MRTG pages aren't affected.  MRTG just isn't graphing it 
right.  I've deleted the gifs and they are always regenerated in the 
exact same manor.  Has anyone been affected by this before?


At 4:05 PM -0600 11/11/99, Frank Smith wrote:
>One possible reason would be if maxbytes is set lower thsn what is
>being reported. I've run across this on 10/100 interfaces when
>cfgmaker sets a maxbytes for 10Mb and the interface is actually
>running at 100Mb.
>    Also, many serial links use compression so the total bytes
>transferred can exceed the link speed, so  maxbytes may need to
>be set higher than the link spped.
>    Your graph looks more like mrtg was just unable to contact the
>device for an extended period of time.  Did you get any emails about
>response timeouts? Your log file looks ok, but doesn't go back as
>far as where your graph flatlined.

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