[mrtg] Sv: Graph problem

Leif Neland leifn at neland.dk
Sun Nov 14 18:25:42 MET 1999

> Hi all...
> I am using mrtg2.8.9 and have small problem with graph scale. My x-axis in
> in all graphs(dayly, weekly and monthly) is confusing me like this:
>  Instead of having days in correct order (sat sun mon tue wed th fri)
> in the weekly graph i have them reversed (sat fri th wed tue mon sun) the
> same probem in the dayly and monthly graph. 
> How can i fix this..??
> Any comments would be appreciated

If you really wants the graphs turned the other (wrong in my eyes) way, you have the "growright" option.

However, if you imagine the graphs as paper strips coming out of a pen-plotter, the graph starts at left, where the pen and the scale is.
It makes it easier to see the value of the most current reading, when it is close to the scale.


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