[mrtg] Re: Network conf. changes ==> MRTG is messed up!!!

Arnellos Argyris arar at aegean.gr
Mon Nov 15 13:13:23 MET 1999

Hello thanks for replying.

The network is changing in the sense of the router's configuration changing.

Let's say, today the link from XXX to YYY is on ATM/1/0/1 of the switch A
and tomorrow it may be on ATM/1/0/2 of the switch A.

This means that I have to change the .ok file in order to keep track and
also change the cfg file in order the correct description to be included in
the respective .html file.

The configuration of the Cisco routers, can also be changed (with respect to
the interface descriptions) even with a simple "reboot".

You are right to say that "Mrtg must thus somehow be told the change in
/what/ or the change in /where/, in order to work properly"
and for this to be done there must be a common key (in all the
configuration). We have done this in our NMS and the key is the description
of the interfaces. Unfortunately, I cannot get into the MRTG code and do the
same think. What makes me wonder is why nobody from the MRTG development
team has ever worry about this problem.



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> On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Arnellos Argyris wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
> > 
> > I have posted this question several times before, but I will give it one
> > more shot.
> > 
> > We are a very large and extended network, which changes its
> configuration
> > EVERY day.
> > 
> > We are monitoring a great number of services with MRTG, so it is very
> useful
> > to us.
> > 
> > Unfortunately, we have to reconfigure it every time we change something.
> > 
> > We would like to ask if there is anything  (add-on, some private
> scripts),
> > so that MRTG will automatically understand the change
> > and be auto reconfigured!!!
> >
> How is the network changing? Is it the services on the different machines
> or is it the IP adresses of the different machines or what? There's no 
> problem about running multiple instances of mrtg with different config
> files, such that most of the configuration is maintained. I suppose
> there's no such thing as a "Do It Right Switch" in mrtg, since mrtg must
> know /what/ you want to monitor and /where/. 
> Mrtg must thus somehow be told the change in /what/ or the change in
> /where/, in order to work properly. If it's the change in /where/ a simple
> change in the /etc/hosts could do some automagic change of the machine
> monitored by mrtg.
> On which OS are you running mrtg?
> I don't know any scripts but I'm merely a happy contributor to OSS and not
> a mrtg expert...
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