[mrtg] Re: Cisco Configurations

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Nov 15 20:17:11 MET 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Brett Foland wrote:

> Last week I setup MRTG and begun to get the stats from my Cisco 3604 router.
> Interestingly, the graphs show a steady rate of incoming traffic of around
> 3k per second with almost no spikes above that.
> Possibly someone is streaming data (i.e. stock market reports). Before I
> start my investigation I thought perhaps I would ask a couple of questions.
> 1. Has anyone else experienced this?
> 2. Has anyone made changes to their Cisco firmware that produced better or
> more statistical information?

Are you running any dynamic routing protocols that send periodic updates?

Is the router being monitored by a process such as a periodic ping to 
see if it's alive?  

Does the SNMP traffic of MRTG itself traverse that interface?

If you put a cat in a box with a vial of poison and a geiger counter...

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