[mrtg] Monitoring disk usage on NT

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Thu Nov 18 18:50:12 MET 1999

	Hi people,

	I'd like to monitor disk usage ( not space, but read and write ) on my NT 
Server. I did recompile the MIB, and I can get the data via snmpwalk on OID

19 for read and 20 for write.

from out.txt when compiling MIB
                         5  ldisklogicalDiskTable
                           1  ldisklogicalDiskEntry
                             1  ldisklogicalDiskIndex
                             19  ldiskDiskReadBytesPerSec
                             20  ldiskDiskWriteBytesPerSec

	But snmpwalking this is giving me VERY strange results.

snmpwalk on OID .19 gives me:
enterprises.311. = 1773149184

five seconds after, snmpwalk again
enterprises.311. = -1478315520

and again five seconds later
enterprises.311. = 1593083904

	Things are going from positive, from negative, and the disk wasn't been 
accessed at this point. I can't understand this numbers even to start 
making the .cfg entry.

Question. Is there anyone who monitors this ? Any help ? Am I doing 
something wrong ?

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