[mrtg] Re: problems with disk/cpu data collections

Daniel Curry dcurry at dollar.com
Thu Nov 18 20:05:30 MET 1999

Sorry about the length of this, but....

Here is the information as previously requested.  I have commented out
the 'gauge' lines since starting this thread.

Target[viper.disk.1]: 'perl ./getdisk.pl viper 1'
Title[viper.disk.1]: Viper's Root Partition % used
MaxBytes[viper.disk.1]: 100
PageTop[viper.disk.1]: <H1> Disk Space Usage for System: Viper </H1>
Suppress[viper.disk.1]: y
LegendI[viper.disk.1]: % used
Legend1[viper.disk.1]: % used
YLegend[viper.disk.1]: percent used
ShortLegend[viper.disk.1]: used
#Options[viper.disk.1]: gauge

Here starts my script
# This script is used to establish a TCP connection with a host to get
# disk info provided by showdisk.pl.
# use: ./getdisk.pl <hostname> <disk number>
# By Steven Micallef <smic at wire.net.au> on the 24/4/1999.

use Net::Telnet ();
$hostname = $ARGV[0];
$disk_no = $ARGV[1];

# If you've changed the port showdisk.pl runs on, change it here too.
$port = 9047;
$i = 0;

if ($hostname eq "" || $disk_no eq "" )
  print "Usage: $0 <hostname> <disk number>\n";

$t = new Net::Telnet ( Host => $hostname, Port => $port);

  $data = $t->getline(Timeout => 40);
  if ($i eq $disk_no)
    print $data;
} while ($i != $disk_no);

Again, any help as to why these are not adding data to the .log files
would be greatly appreciated.  Also, can anyone tell me how to put
multiple 'partitions' graphs on a single page? And have that page
updated by mrtg?  


Daniel Curry

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