[mrtg] Re: Weird statistics - Please help

cpt2 at daimlerchrysler.com cpt2 at daimlerchrysler.com
Fri Nov 19 23:13:07 MET 1999

The problem here is not how I have defined the cfg for my NIC.  This is the
problem.  While my graph for the win95 machine looks fine 30k, the graph for my
cablemodem  nic does not display the same thing.  They are both polled pretty
much at the same time, yet don't show the same amount of traffic by a long shot.
Since the cabledem nic is the only way internet traffic is coming in (and then
its routed to the win95 machine) it should display the same traffic I'm seeing
on the win95 nic.

There is no other traffic on the network.  I just started a download to test
this, a 600meg download, and while I'm seeing 30k/s on the win95 nic, I'm seeing
3 or 4 bits/sec traffic on the cablemodem nic.  This is totally confusing me
because it doesn't make much sense.

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First thing first. MRTG takes a snapshot of the target every 5 mins by
default and you can set this to 1 or 2 or etc by changing setting in
your crontab. So if it could be that the instance when MRTG collects
data from your network card, your download has finished or there happens
to be not much downloads. Try setting MRTG to run every 1 min and you
would get better data.

Second thing is that you should identify which NIC is connected to your
cable modem and view the graph with that NIC coz traffic on your local
NIC might have different traffic. Also don't forget that MRTG will
display 30k on the graph instead of 30000bytes as you might be

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