[mrtg] Re: bytes versus bits for the scale of the graphs

Rainer Bawidamann rb1 at mogwai.rz.uni-ulm.de
Mon Nov 22 16:43:42 MET 1999

In article <199911221056.LAA16691 at slot.hollandcasino.nl>,
	alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl (Alex van den Bogaerdt) writes:

> Originally, MRTG knew of [^] and [$] to prepend/append options on a
> global basis.  Later on, [_] was invented to allow setting a default.

I wasn't aware that [^] and [$] work for options too.

> Personally I never used [_] but by my definition a default is something
> that can be overriden by an explicit definition.
>    Options[^]: blah1
>    Options[ethernet.1]: something
>    Options[$]: blah2
> should result in a total option line of "blah1 something blah2" whereas
>    Options[_]: blah1
>    Options[ethernet.1]: something
>    Options[$]: blah2
> should result in "something blah2".  If you'd use the [_] to define
> "bits", you might loose.

In fact you get "something" - [^] and [$] get pre-/appended at the time
the line "Options[ethernet.1]: something" is completly parsed. The
"Options[$]:" only affects the following lines. This is documented!

If you think this is hard to understand remember that it's a grown
parser/configuration language ;-}


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