[mrtg] Re: using RRD Tool

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Mon Nov 22 23:13:14 MET 1999

I am using rrdtool-1.0.4, and 14all.cgi v0.9, and the error I get, is 
"Cannot create graph: unknown option '--alt-y-grid'"

This is in netscape communicator, when i get the image icon for the
missign image, and right click, and choose "View Image".

If I remove that --alt-y-grid option, from the push line in 14all.cgi, I
nolonger get the error, and I get graphics, though I am not sure if they
are the proper size.

Also, I have 147 router config files, all in /usr/local/MRTG/cfg/.
Each file is named like router.domain.com.cfg, and the workdir in the
config file is set to "/var/www/htdocs/sites/domain/" where domain is a
two-part sitecode.statecode entry.  As some of the configs are upwards of
100k, i don't want to add everything into one config file, using direcotry
statements for each individual router, as that would give me a config over
1 megabyte in size. (probably not optimal)  :)

Can I use 14all.cgi to read multiple config files and still give me a
listing? or do I need a seperate 14all.cgi for each of them?


On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Rainer Bawidamann wrote:

> Which version of rrdtool do you have? If it's 1.0.2 or newer: What is
> the exact error message?
> Rainer

Timothy Kennedy
sugarat.net, Network Management Resources

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