[mrtg] PROBLEMS with Exchange.mib on WinNT

Arnellos Argyris arar at aegean.gr
Tue Nov 23 11:26:03 MET 1999

Hello everybody.

I have downloaded the PERFM.zip from ftp.shellserv.com but I cannot find any

Should I do whatever the "perfm.bat" describes or the mibs have already been
created? (In the perfm.zip pachage there are a lot of xxx.mib files, for
http, ftp, exchange, etc).

I have just coppied the files "perfmib.dll", "perfmib.ini", "perfmib.mib"
and "mib.bin" in the C:\winnt\system32 directory.

Then I have loaded all the mibs in my HP OpenView NMS and all have gone well
except the SMI.MIB which gave the following in the middle of its

[RFC1155-SMI] - Line 30 : Error defining object : expected a label, found
reserved symbol 'OBJECT-TYPE'

All the other mibs have been loaded succesfully.

When I try to test them all mibs were working just fine except the
EXCHANGE.MIB which is under the tree:

Whenever I tried to query anything under that tree I got the following:

	"Error: SNMP: A general failure occured on the agent."

Any help will be appreciated.



PS: What about traps from NT services that will be logged in the HP OpenView
NMS? I have not found anything yet.

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