[mrtg] problem with solaris boxes

Meena Chockalingam cmeena at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 16:04:14 MET 1999

Hi All,

I am monitoring a SUN solaris server for bandwidth utilization. The box has 
3 quad fast etherent cards with the speed of 100 Mbits/sec. But when I tried 
to monitor the server using MRTG, the max speed comes up as 10Mbits/sec. The 
setting on the server shows as 100Mbits/sec. Also, I am monitoring the 
switch port that this server is connected to using MRTG and it shows 
100Mbits/sec speed. Also, the bandwidth utilization on the switch side shwos 
about anywhere between 30-70% utilization whereas the server itself shows 1 
to 2% utilization after adding up all 3 interfaces.

Ant idea on what things should I look for to troubleshoot this problem? Has 
anyone had any experiences with SUN's mib-2 support? All the variables I am 
trying to monitor are mib-2 variables like ifInOctets, ifOutOctets and 


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