[mrtg] newbie question

Ricardo Manuel Oliveira rmo at ccom.uminho.pt
Thu Nov 25 14:33:46 MET 1999

 I am currently starting a project on SNMP usage, mainly to MONITOR some
network's state, and probably later to
interact (configure) with equipment.
 In the present case, I am working with Cisco 7500 series equipment (no
pub intended).
 I've been using mrtg, for 1-2 weeks now, and I've started to have some

 Point 1: For what I've seen, mrtg creates graphs related to two
parameters (ie., in-bwidth-usage and out-bwidth-usage)
  and two parameters only. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If I am not
wrong, and supposedly I want to monitor a set of
  parameters (5-10), I would have to keep separate log files for each
set of parameters... right?

 Point 2: (MIB question) - What is the MIB for the current active tcp
connections? I would like to generate a graph with
  type-of-service data (ie., FTP/HTTP/SSH/etc etc etc). Even after
reading RFC 1213 I've come across something somewhat 
  similar, but not complete (ie., the tcpConnTable). This one only lists
local connections, the ones between any of the
  several networks the router is connected to.

 Any help would be largely appreciated.

Regards, Ricardo Oliveira.

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