[mrtg] Re: ppp0 statistics ?

Kenji Konaka kkonaka at iwiphil.com
Fri Nov 26 03:23:48 MET 1999

sorry much; but things've just started working when
I've checked it again this morning...

 > From: Kenji Konaka <kkonaka at iwiphil.com>
 > Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 17:17:12 +0800
 > hi!
 > I've just installed mrtg and I think it's great.
 > but there's just one thing I couldn't figure out:
 > => what could be the possible reason when MRTG report for a machine's
 > ppp0 interface is always zero? - this is a linux machine and
 > doing things like ''cat /proc/net/dev'' or ''snmpwalk the-machine public''
 > does produce a seemingly correct output. also MRTG is working fine
 > on some other multi-homed machine (again a linux host).
 > thanks (and sorry this soulds like another FAQ).
 > kenji @ manila

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