[mrtg] Re: 5300 MRTG/OID question

Brantley Jones bjones at centurytel.net
Tue Nov 30 21:26:19 MET 1999

At 03:17 PM 11/30/1999 -0500, Neil Calvert wrote:
>that sounds right, but external scripts aren't so bad. especially if
>you're running a unix or linux variant.
>if you get some command line SNMP tools you can manually SNMPGET the
>OIDs you are interested in, use awk to snatch the numerical value you
>need, then run the math.
>I use external scripts extensively in Solaris machines to get processor
>usage and disk space and other useful things. MRTG will happily take a
>script output as long as it's output is of the form
><first value to be graphed>
><second value to be graphed>
><device uptime>
><device name>
>the MRTG docs show more info on how to incorporate scripts, and the
>archives on this mailing list have a few examples also. if you do some
>digging I'm sure you'll get it working.

yeah, we use external scripts for different access servers a lot.  I was 
just trying to avoid using one, as I ASSUMED (notice the assume) that MRTG 
would return these guys quicker if NOT having to call an external 
script.  Maybe I'm wrong on that, but speed is an issue as we already have 
200+ access servers running on this MRTG server...

Thanks for the help...


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