[mrtg] Re: One more question..

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Oct 1 10:11:25 MEST 1999

> In my opinion a FAQ should expand on the existing documentation with some
> discussion and examples, and it should be fairly easy to navigate.  The
> existing FAQ falls way short in these respects.  It would be nice if someone
> could devote some time to improving the FAQ, but I'm sure it is a difficult
> and thankless task, so we may just have to live with what we've got.

A FAQ is not a tutorial. It is Frequently Asked (or answered) Questions.
Most of the frequently asked questions are asking something that can be
read in the manual. The most frequent answers are "read the manual".
There's nothing wrong with that. It is true.

Yes, writing the documentation is a thankless task. There is plenty of
documentation available. Since it is not read, the volume on the mailing
list grows into extremes.

I think some people are rather arrogant: THEY don't have to spend
time reading the documentation (let alone writing it), they just have a
deadline because their boss demands a solution before closing time.
Fsck them, if you want to have it quick and easy, hire someone to do the
job and spend 100K for some other program.
What do you think I am, your personal assistant to look things up ???

The docs are both in the mrtg distribution AND on the web. You don't have
to be "elite" to have it online but you DO have to be stupid not to find it.

Quote:"You can find the
    documentation about this in the file config.html See the
    Configuration hints section for some further help."
Clicking on "config.html" and reading it for a few minutes gives:

Quote:"Note, if LegendI or LegendO are set to an empty string with 


The corresponding line below the graph will not be printed at all. 

So: ANY question like "how can I print only one line" MUST be answered
with "RTFM". I'm here to answer questions like "I read this about LegendI
but didn't understand it completely".

Go away,

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