[mrtg] Re: Collisions

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Oct 1 11:38:31 MEST 1999

> I use the following script to monitor collisions on a Xylan switch:
> Target[collch]:
> at a.b.c.d
> Directory[collch]:Collisions
> AbsMax[collch]: 100000000
> MaxBytes[collch]: 100000000
> WithPeak[collch]: ymwd
> ShortLegend[collch]: collisions
> LegendI[collch]:
> LegendO[collch]:  Collisions
> YLegend[collch]: Collisions
> Legend1[collch]:
> Legend2[collch]: Collisions Number
> Legend3[collch]:
> Legend4[collch]: Peak of Collisions Number
> Title[collch]: Collisions
> PageTop[collch]: <H1>Collisions
>  </H1>
> Options[collch]: nopercent
> but I don't really like the results :-)
That will probably be because you only get zero's ?

If so: You have very little collisions (that's good) and when
they are represented to you in collisions per second, they are
far below 1 (and get rounded down to zero).
You may want to look at the "perhour" config option.

If it is another problem, explain it and we'll try to help.


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