[mrtg] Re: Collisions --> device needs RMON Mib --> RFC 1757

Stanley, Peter T stanley at cabletron.com
Fri Oct 1 17:31:14 MEST 1999

> Some vendors provide collision data in the private MIB stuff.
Actually it is defined in the RMON mib RFC 1717


If you want to measure collisions on a device, the
device must support RMON.  
Specifically the ethernet statistics group must be supported
to gather collision data.

RMON has nine groups.
You can usually look for "mini RMON" or the "Four Pack RMON".
Those devices most likely will support the basic four groups: 
Statistics, History, Alarms, and Events

The entire nine includes:
ethernet statistics, ethernet history, 
alarm, host, hostTopN, matrix, filter, packet capture, event

One of the previous post had the correct location:
Target[collch]: at a.b.c.d

Here is the path:

I have used a config file similar to the one posted previously.
As for perhour or not,  I have monitored networks that have so many
collisions the perhour option is not needed to get the point across.

The moral, when you purchase network gear check to see which versions (1,2)
and groups (1 to 9) of RMON are supported.  Sometimes you have to read 
between the lines when a vendor says the support RMON they are only 
supporting the basic four groups (which if fine for seeing collisions).


Peter Stanley   (stanley at cabletron.com)
Cabletron Systems
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> > Is there any way of measuring collisions with snmp?
> "Yes, but......" and, "It depends.....".
> > I haven't found a MIB-variable for it anywhere, does it exist?
> Some vendors provide collision data in the private MIB stuff.
> I don't think there is anything in the "internet" MIB.      .
> - L. F. (Larry) Sheldon, Jr.                                  

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