[mrtg] Re: apc ups?

Jon Miner miner at doit.wisc.edu
Sat Oct 2 22:57:12 MEST 1999

* Chairman of the Bored (list-mrtg-talk at L7.org) [991001 19:41]:
> anyone know how to monitor an apc ups? it says it has an snmp module for
> powerchute...

Yeah, load the snmp module for powerchute.

then look at the mib they gave you and figure out the proper OIDs.

See http://provo.doit.wisc.edu/mrtg and click the "By Trend" Link for
some examples.

The trends we show are:
 Battery Temperature:
 Volts In:
 Volts Out:
 UPS Load (Percent):



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