[mrtg] Re: problems monitoring squid

Morten S. Nielsen msn at ipt.dtu.dk
Mon Oct 4 15:45:01 MEST 1999

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Pieter Kooistra wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'am using mrtg 2.8.4 on hp-ux 10.20 to monitor squid.
> I want to monitor UnusedFileDescrCount and
> cacheCurrentReservedFileDescrCount
> I want mrtg to show the actual values of this counters, but it does not
> work. The first entry in the logfiles gives the right value, but mrtg
> just shows me the difference between current and last value which is
> mostly zero.
> Mrtg treats squid as a normal networkinterfacecard although I use the
> gauge and absolute options.
> Target[sun2.6]:
> cacheCurrentUnusedFileDescrCount&cacheCurrentReservedFileDescrCount:public at sun2:3401
> MaxBytes[sun2.6]: 1024
> Options[sun2.6]: absolute,gauge,perhour
> Title[sun2.6]:: Current Unused and Reserved File Descr Count
> PageTop[sun2.6]: <H1>Current Unused and Reserved File Descr</H1>
> YLegend[sun2.6]:
> ShortLegend[sun2.6]:
> LegendI[sun2.6]: Number Unused
> LegendO[sun2.6]: Number Reserved
> Legend1[sun2.6]: Number Unused
> Legend2[sun2.6]: Number Reserved
> Target[sun2.7]: cacheClients&cacheClients:public at sun2:3401
> MaxBytes[sun2.7]: 1800
> Options[sun2.7]: absolute,gauge,perhour
> Title[sun2.7]:: Current Clients
> PageTop[sun2.7]: <H1>Current Clients</H1>
> YLegend[sun2.7]:
> ShortLegend[sun2.7]:
> LegendI[sun2.7]: Number Users
> LegendO[sun2.7]:
> Legend1[sun2.7]: Number Users
> Legend2[sun2.7]:

I just checked the config.txt :-)

The keyword absoulute means that mrtg should display a value d(val)/dt
where d(val) is read directly and d(val)/dt is d(val) divided by the time
passed since last read.

The gauge keyword means that mrtg should should display val directly.

I suppose you should erase the absolute keyword then, since the current
number of users or the current number of used/unused filedescriptors are
not timely derivative quantities.
> What goes wrong?
> Thanks in advance,
> Pieter Kooistra

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