[mrtg] Re: difference between Sun and Cisco

Scudamore, Mike scud at huntsville.sparta.com
Tue Oct 5 16:08:35 MEST 1999

I think what you are seeing is a flaw in the Check Point FW-1 snmp daemon.
Although the value is supposed to be ifInOctets and ifOutOctets, it probably
should be labeled ifInPackets and ifOutPackets. If you plot the OIDs
. (packets accepted), .
(packets rejected), and . (packets dropped), you'll
probably find the values follow along quite closely.


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With MRTG-2.8.8, I'm monitoring traffic on 2 ethernet interfaces which
are directly connected :
(1 cisco router <-> Sun Solaris with CheckPoint fw-1)

Max Speed:    240.0 kBytes/s (ethernetCsmacd)
Max  In:      1847.4 kb/s (96.2%) 
Average  In:  591.3 kb/s (30.8%) 
Current  In:  737.4 kb/s (38.4%) 
Max  Out:     1548.8 kb/s (80.7%) 
Average  Out: 182.4 kb/s (9.5%) 
Current  Out: 145.0 kb/s (7.5%)

Max Speed:    1250.0 kBytes/s (ethernetCsmacd)
Max  In:      1840.0 b/s (0.0%) 
Average  In:  608.0 b/s (0.0%) 
Current  In:  1000.0 b/s (0.0%) 
Max  Out:     1912.0 b/s (0.0%) 
Average  Out: 664.0 b/s (0.0%) 
Current  Out: 1048.0 b/s (0.0%) 

How can you explain this difference in the number of bits on the
same link ????

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