[mrtg] Re: SNMP Temp devices

Bob Dozier rwdozier at apex2000.net
Thu Oct 7 17:23:05 MEST 1999

I am monitoring many temperatures with the device found here:


It doesn't do SNMP, but I have tweaked the spork.exe (they include the 
'C' source code) to have it output MRTG data. The HLT is very economical
for monitoring many temperature probes.

I am no 'C' programmer, but I got it working and I may consider offering
the source code if someone wants it.

Hope this helps.

>From: griner at susq.com
>Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 07:55:31 -0700
>Subject: [mrtg] SNMP Temp devices
>Does anyone know of an SNMP thermometer?  I would like to monitor the
>temp. of our communication rooms across the country.  I don't want to
>monitor a routers temp or server cpu temp, I just want the temp of the
>Jeremy Griner
Bob Dozier                                     rwdozier at apex2000.net 
Apex 2000 Internet Services Corporation        Phone: (915) 570-1676

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