[mrtg] MRTG not passing data on to RRDTool?

Chris Josephes cjoseph at mr.net
Thu Oct 7 23:28:50 MEST 1999

I have an MRTG wrapper setup where it will recursively call MRTG with a
series of .cfg files in a certain directory.

Since I'm using RRDTool, the config files themselves are almost empty.  I
specified WorkDir as the directory I want the RRD files kept in, and in
cases where I want some .rrd files grouped seperately, I use "Directory"
tags for certain targets.

However, when the wrapper program is run through cron, I don't think MRTG
is properly passing the values to RRDTool.  The timestamps on the .rrd
files appear to follow the cron intervals, so it looks like they're being
written to, but with either null or bad values.

When I run the wrapper program directly there doesn't appear to be a
problem.  I'm running the program as the same user, using full pathnames
in all my arguements, and the permissions appear to be okay, so I'm not
sure what else the problem could be.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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