[mrtg] Re: --vendor flag

Tim Schuh tschuh at verio.net
Sat Oct 9 04:39:07 MEST 1999

I'm not sure if it's covered in the man pages or in the config.html
docs but it is covered in the source code (which you have).

It uses Cisco enterprise OIDs to get the values of ifAlias for each
enterface it discovers.  If your interface description is non-existant
(i.e. you didn't use the 'description' directive in your Cisco config)
then you won't see a difference except an additional <BR> in the
generated HTML.

Aguet Pierre wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to know what exactely do the --vendor option in the syntax cfgmaker
> --vendor public at router. I use Cisco's 3600, 2600, 2500 & 1600 series.
> I don't see any difference in .cfg files when build with or without the
> flag.
> BTW, is this flag referenced in the manual/config files ? I can't find it.
> Thanks.
> Pete


Tim Schuh
Network Systems
Verio Central

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