[mrtg] Re: Problem reading specific OID

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Tue Oct 12 00:36:38 MEST 1999

> The following error occoures.
> cannot encode Object ID . Cannot encode subid 2872348672 at SNMP_util.pm line 957.
> SNMPGET: Failed to reach target: ".
> ic at svvie4". I tried multiple times!

Hmmm,  2872348672 == 0xAB349000 ...
Looks like this problem could have to do with signed integers.

I wouldn't know if this is an SNMP_util problem or that the OID is wrong.

Instead of correcting the problem (which you can't or else you wouldn't ask
this question) you may want to work around it:

   Inside MRTG:
      Target[SVVIE4_CPU]: `get_cpu_for svvie4 public`

   and a script called "get_cpu_for":

      A=`snmpget $1 $2 . \
      | sed 's/^.*"//;s/\%.*$//'`
      B=`snmpget $1 $2 . \
      | sed 's/^.*"//;s/\%.*$//'`
      echo $A
      echo $B
      echo some time
      echo $1

Todo: check (and correct, if necessary) the script. Build in some error

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