[mrtg] Re: Shiva Lanrover

Henry Steinhauer H1STEINH at hewitt.com
Fri Oct 15 22:54:41 MEST 1999

Here is a Getif Registry entry for looking at the Shiva MIB and entries.

We created this after asking the questions and needing to debug some
information anyway.

One of the Shiva boxes DOES have the MIB that tells the number of users,
the other box does not.
Different code releases.

BUT - these two tables display MIB entries for the users.

IF you add up the NumLines value, then you get the number of "modems" in
use.  ISDN takes two if they are bound.
We have both T1s (dual T1 card) and 56KB modem cards installed.  The T1
shows up as one slot entry but with 24 entries for each T1.

One of the notes talked about values of 'dormat' and 'up'  These are really
digit values that are converted to display text in Getif at least.

We will be using the views to assist with tracking down users that stay on
the connection for long periods of time.
Today we already bounced a user that was on for more than 1,000 minutes.
He thought he had logged off last night but with ISDN he has no indication
that he is still on.  Oh the joys of support.

Enjoy -

Henry Steinhauer

"Name"="Shiva Users"
"3"=".|Conn Mns|9|0|0|5"
"4"=".|IP Addr|16|0|0|5"
"5"=".|IPX Addr|16|0|0|5"

"Name"="Shiva Line Entry"
"0"=".|Line num|9|0|0|5"
"1"=".|Line session|9|0|0|5"
"5"=".|SyncFcs Err|9|0|0|5"
"6"=".|Pkt In|9|0|0|5"
"7"=".|Pkt Out|9|0|0|5"

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