[mrtg] 272 / huge gifs problem continued

DApel at omnipoint.com DApel at omnipoint.com
Thu Oct 21 19:41:38 MEST 1999

Just upgraded to latest revs of zlib/libpng/gd/mrtg288....  Unhappily, I
have to report no success (though I do like the other improvements).

Instead of huge 10MB gifs, I now get 360kb pngs for this one particular
switch, and the pngs for that switch coincidentally won't even display (pngs
for all other devices work fine however).

So, it's got to be either my configuration or my device.

Configuration was eliminated as a possible cause because I just used an
existing good config file and just changed the target names (same SNMP
instance is used in this case).   No change, still get inflated png files
that don't work.

Which leaves me with the bloody switch (3Com Linkswitch 3300 24-port 10/100
Autosensing)  Firmware rev is the latest, at 2_02_31.

I am not specifying any specific OID in the config file, so it should just
use the standard mib2 ifInOctets/ifOutOctets, correct?

I've been using MRTG for about a year and a half to monitor a few thousand
devices scattered amongst a few dozen vendors, and never had a problem like

Can anybody shed some light on what's going on?

Doug Apel
Sr. Network Administrator
Omnipoint Technologies, Inc.
dapel at omnipoint.com

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